Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thing A Month - August - Take A Craftsy Course

Dear Neuro,

Forgetting for the moment that I've yet to provide an update for our July Thing A Month, I wanted to let you know that I've been embracing our August theme, Take A Craftsy Course.  The course I chose is Shuttle Tatting; first, because I've got a big bag of supplies, pattern books, and other things related to shuttle and/or needle tatting that have been mocking and intimidating me for years; and second, it was on sale.  (I'm all for supporting our brothers and sisters in crafts - but it seems like we all go away happy when things are on sale!)

I'm trying very hard to take my time and work through the various exercises and techniques to ensure I get this right.  Here is the first practice strip of "double stitches" that is worthy of sharing publicly:

(I'm practicing in two different colors because there is some funky stuff that goes on with the way the yarn/thread is wrapped - I'm actually holding the green yarn in my right hand, with the shuttle, but the funky thing happens and then the red yarn, held in my left hand, gets flipped over and then - poof - it all works somehow).

And here is the first practice strip of "picots":

(You can see that I have a ways to go yet, and there are still a bunch of techniques I've yet to practice.  But it's fun, and I've used more crochet thread in the past week than I have since the Rat Lace project!)

I hope you're having fun learning new things this month as well!