Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Yarn Crisis of Sorts

We went out to the cottage this past Friday so we could take care of this:

(Fortunately nothing else was damaged, except for the purple martin house (the neighbors swapped in an unused one, much to the surprise of the displaced birds); this wall is 60 feet long so you can get a sense of the size of the tree. I appear giant in the setting sun.)

I needed to bring enough yarn to last for 3 days.  My first panic set in when I realized I'd grabbed my current socks-in-progress but managed to leave one size 0 needle behind.  Not wanting to soldier on with only 4, I started a second pair on #1s:

Then I finished the knitting of one of those new twirly yarns.  Panic increased.

Then I moved on to one of the crochet afghan projects; surely this would occupy me for the rest of the weekend!

That is, of course, until I realized that I'd brought too much of the red, and not enough of the black!  Sheer panic.

Then, I realized - my loom is here!  I can weave a scarf!

(But my fringe twister is not!)

In the end, I started to work on the last of the pre-needlework for June UFO project #4.  And guess what?

These are size 0s.  I had enough with me all along!

P.S.  You would think I'd have taken pictures of the tree removal process.  I must have been in a real panic!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Several UFO Sightings

Dear Neuro,

I've been hiding indoors in the air conditioning for most of the holiday weekend due to the Florida-like weather we've been having in this state that is quite far away from Florida.  As such, I've kept busy with several UFOs.

I finally broke out my new sewing machine to cover a white pillow form.  It was almost too nice to cover up.

But this is the intended pillow cover - it matches an afghan I finished quite some time ago, they can finally be together at last.

A way-less-wrinkled-than-it-looks wool/silk woven scarf from last year needed fringing and finishing:

For some reason I had to make this sweater; I wanted it to be just the one light purple but then I kept running out of yarn.  Then it sat for several months awaiting seaming and the construction of the yarn frog:

You're right about the Ruana yarn, I'll think about its repurposing some more.  In the meantime, I'm swatching this humongous cone of blue/gray wool to see if it might work for the July project.  These are #1 needles so this could become quite the serious commitment:

(note the use of magic loop so I could get a swatch in the round with no purling)

The ubiquitous pair of socks is in the works as well, and there are still a couple of UFOs that may still make a mad dash to completion.  This weather isn't going to break any time soon so there is plenty of time.  I hope you're staying cool as well!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thing A Month - July - Reverse Engineering

Dear Neuro,

I've known all along that I wanted to reverse engineer this sweater:
I love it for so many reasons, and wear it practically all winter long (and a little bit before and after too!).  It's comfy, it's the perfect size, it's warm, it has pockets, and being wool it's not exactly waterproof but it keeps me warm even when it's damp.

It is also starting to show some wear, so before it completely dissolves, I wanted to memorialize it in measurements, and attempt to re-create it as well.

Neuro, you will remember our Great New England Yarn Adventure years ago, when I was on a quest to find the perfect yarn for Ruana.  I found it at Green Mountain Spinnery (where they had to toss down extra cones from the loft so I could have enough yardage).  I knitted it furiously (all garter stitch), and have not worn it one single time.  In about 10 years.

It's awesome yarn - wool and mohair.  Yes, it's way thicker than the yarn in the original sweater.  Yes, it's a completely different color.  But I am seriously considering repurposing.

What do you think?


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June FOs - Take Two

Dear Neuro,

I'm so excited to post some more (better-late-than-never) June(ish) FOs that these latest are still wet from their baths!

First is a genuine UFO, now transformed into Moody Blues (aka Moody Stockings) after its first sock pattern disaster:

Next is another Wingspan, which isn't a UFO at all since it wasn't even started until June, but it did need some finishing lest it become one, and so here it is (yarn dyed by Oogy and Neuro!!):

(I'm not sure why I felt compelled to knit an entire scarf during the month of FOs, except that it was a good take-along project for a recent roadtrip, and it probably gave me lots of extra dopamine during the process!).


Monday, July 1, 2013

Bootleg UFOs

Dear Neuro,

While I really am finishing up the original June UFOs, I do have a few other things that just needed a bit of a push to get completed, and I thought I'd throw them into the mix as well, this being already July and all...

First, a cover for the year-round Santa pillow that just needed to be seamed onto the pillow (oh dear, I think I just yarnbombed my own couch!!):

Next, Crest of a Wave scarf, made with sock yarn that didn't want to be socks and that just needed to be blocked:

More to come, along with some ideas about July's project.

Happy FO-ing!