Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mitts and Socks

My knitting has been very focused recently.  First, the request came for me to make baby mitts as fast as I could in order to assist with unplanned extubation prevention in the NICU.  I've made dozens of pairs since the beginning of the year (after a series of pattern experiments); the colors vary, but the natural colored yarn is Webs' Franklin (I've gone through most of the first cone of it!).  The yarn in the below pair was dyed by Neuroknitter last summer for a weekend-long knitathon that we had:

Then someone at work had a fairly serious medical procedure.  I designed and knit these socks by special request (University of Michigan):

The yarn is Webs' Huntington.  (There is a lot to like about the Webs yarns - they have lots of colors, terrific availability, and a great price for the high quality!)