Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheerful Images on a Bleak Day

A planned day off, only coincidentally in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Hoping this finds everyone safe and dry!  I had some time this morning to complete work on the following:

EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl, Camping half-circle version, made with Color Changing Cotton (another gift from Neuro!!).  Blocking on a king size bed, so you can guess the dimensions somewhat:

AlliGator Bag (a kit by Morehouse Farms) - looking a little less swampy here:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Finishing Is Actually Happening Here

Scylla, in Zombie BBQ - complete in all their toe-up-ness:

Unleaving, in a custom dyed sock weight, modeled by a very tolerant canine:

All for me, so no mad deadline rushes - although the cold weather is upon us, so they will get good use very quickly!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Upcoming FO

Overheard by a passer-by near my house the other day:

"Hey, honey - the mail is here!"
"Great!  Are my eyeballs in there??"

Wait until you see the rest of this almost-FO!  And it's not even Halloween-themed!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hats and Socks

We've had some cool weather here lately, which gives me a great opportunity to show off (and try on, ha!!) some of the things I've managed to finish in the past few days.

The two hats were made for a friend, by special request, for friends undergoing chemo treatments.  Both are stash acrylic/wool blends I've had for several years; the blue hat is Ribbons of Hope, and pink hat is Dembow.  Both were fun and fast!

Olympian Socks - also fun and fast!

No links for the next two patterns - Ivy Trellis Socks - and -

Tea Time Socks (with modification on the foot, lice instead of crazy zig-zags).  Not fast, somewhat fun.

More output to come, as the WIPs are piling up amidst the latest item of knitting obsession - the toe-up sock, which has had other hidden adventures within!