Friday, December 5, 2008

Tequila Sunrise KAL!!!

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Neuroknitter and I are both working on this pattern (from with yarn she dyed in the Tequila Sunrise colorway. I'm making mine way wider than what is described in the pattern. Stay tuned for progress and updates!

Completed Rogue

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Sleeveless hoodie made by special request with cotton/wool yarn. Great pattern, not so great photo.

Hoodie - The Best Part

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This section took forever to make but it was worth it - it's my favorite part.

Side Rogue

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Cables on each side add great shaping.


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Thick socks made with really soft, thick yarn.


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Not nearly so orange in reality. I probably have enough of this yarn left to make a whole other pair.

And More Socks

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These are made with lovely, squishy yarn. You can probably tell that one still needs to be blocked.

Pooh with Mini Mittens

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Pre-Felted Slipper

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This is a pattern from the latest Domino Knitting book. Here it is next to Pooh for scale. It (and its mate, still in progress) will be felted, and a non-felted cuff knitted on afterwards. Stay tuned for that update!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Photoshoot with the Logrollers

Posted by Picasa Here are the Logrollers with a few FOs for 2008 - the first (and so far only) pair of socks of the year, a stranded headband that I actually did using a stranded knitting technique (thanks, Lisa!), and the DNA Scarf.

Eeyore with Washcloths and Soaps...

Posted by Picasa ...again

Another Couch Doily

Posted by Picasa This one is also made with over-dyed, formerly ugly yarn, using EZ's pi shawl pattern.

Rosy Fingered Dawn Shawl

Posted by Picasa I finished this a while ago and thought for sure I'd posted a picture.... This is my very first shawl, and it scared me so much that I put it down for several years before I finished it.

Another Mystery Shawl KAL

Posted by Picasa I made this during a recent knitalong, and actually kept up with the group. It's made with yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I had enough left to make...

A Clapotis!!!

Posted by Picasa I finished most of this last night waiting for the fireworks to start - and was glad for the warm but lightweight wool. Even polar bears appreciate the extra warmth!

Even Some Spinning

Posted by Picasa OK, so I haven't spun much of anything lately, but I did finish both of these skeins off this past week.

Large UFOs - Part 1

Posted by Picasa I figure if I post this then I'll do some work on it. This will be a ribbed vest for me, and at this rate it will be done just in time for the cold weather!

Large UFOs - Part 2

Posted by Picasa This is the latest shawl from a KAL - for some reason I'm really slow and the KAL is long finished. Judging by the size of the cone, I'll have enough yarn for at least 2 more when I'm through!

Large UFOs - Part 3

Posted by Picasa Large - sort of. Here is another pair of socks I've started. It's not the greatest picture, but you can kind of see the bat done in lace. Hee.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Here is a picture of a project I completed a while ago, with the wool I dyed (see Pooh pics below) and the Hemlock Ring pattern from I've since made another, and have given both away :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blocked and Tackled

Posted by PicasaThe shawl didn't make it past the stuffed animals. I'm happy with how it turned out. You can't really see them, but there are a few beads here and there as well.

The $1.97 Gap Scarf

Posted by PicasaClydesdale Horsie is showing off one of the $1.97 Gap scarves, now overdyed with One Shot, in strawberry. The original scarf was grey, with yellow trim.

In Blue

Posted by PicasaHere's a version in blue. There's been a lot of dyeing around here lately!

Monday, February 18, 2008

About a Bazillion Wristwarmers Later...

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Here is my attempt at blocking the Secret of the Stole knitalong item I completed over the holidays. The blue stuff you see are the play mats I got for just this purpose.

Secret of the Stole II

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I'm about halfway through the next shawl knitalong, using some lovely alpaca yarn I've had for a while.