Monday, June 24, 2013

June Thing A Month - UFO #1

Dear Neuro,

June is not changing her tune, at least not yet anyway!  With just a few days to go I have finally managed to finish the largest and longest-standing UFO.  It's so old, it doesn't even have a name!  That makes it practically prehistoric!!!  Here is it covering Kylie:

(Technically it still needs a washing, but at least all the crocheting and the miles of fringing are complete!!)

I've got lots of littles in the wings, some of which may make June 30th, while others may just linger on to fly right into July...

Here's to staying cool in this early summer heat!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Thing A Month - June (and Sockapalooza too!)

Dear Neuro,

I've been looking forward to our June Thing A Month, 4 UFOs, for quite some time now!  And, while I can't believe that it's June already, I did manage to narrow down the selection of what I'd like to work on this month...

First off - a very old afghan project, probably 12-15 years in the works by now.  It's fraught with peril - made in single crochet, of all things, and I'm not even sure if I have enough yarn left over to keep the pattern going.  But I need an afghan in the inventory, and it's high time I get this one finished, one way or another:

Next is a nearly-done-but-not-quite-so pillow cover to match an afghan I made (again crochet, again several years ago):

The purple fabric is silk that I am going to use to cover the white pillow form.  The pillow back is one big, purple granny square (same color as that tangle of yarn there).  This means I need to set up my new sewing machine (the one I got a few weeks ago - you can see where this one is headed).

This next project isn't as much of a UFO as is the yarn, which I've had for several years.  You may remember this yarn as a tangled mess I had to rip out because the pattern that came with it totally failed.  I've found a new pattern and, after a couple of false starts (gauge related), we're off and running:

You'll also recognize these socks from not so long ago, but they need the crazy needlework finishing, and if I don't put them on this month's project list I'm afraid they'll languish forever:

That's 4, right?  And I have a couple other, much smaller items that I will put on the sidelines as bonuses.  I won't show them here just in case that doesn't work out.

Regarding Virgin - I think we should still go for it, although perhaps not in 2013...  Yours is well underway and will be awesome.  Mine - well, I still haven't gotten over Knitpicks discontinuing Telemark, which would have been PERFECT for me, and I didn't really get that far after all the...

...unsuccessful gauge swatching.

Lastly, I bring you Sockapalooza:

Tidal Wave Socks, made with yarn given to me by my voice teacher:

The completed Entrelac Socks, in all their multi-colored jauntiness:

And, last but not least, Jeck socks, which started out two at a time on one circular needle, but then mitosis occurred and they got finished off one at a time on my beloved DPNs:

Happy UFO chasing!