Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Dear Neuro,

Amazing things happened over this past weekend, when my parents paid us a visit.  I thought my mom might enjoy helping to finish up some languishing projects, but I had no idea how quickly she would blow through what I had gathered together, and how much fun she would have!

First up is a tablerunner that I made in a quilting class this past winter; it needed its border sewn down (by hand), and I hadn't gotten around to doing it.  Now it is displaying the yarn bowl and Shaker Dory Basket you've given me, all at the cottage to behold whenever we are there:

Both of my parents got into the act with helping to hang and hem curtains to go over the sliding glass door (also at the cottage).  Here is a glimpse of them - other pics did not turn out so well, but needless to say they are floor length, brown, room darkening, and truly a sight to behold now:

These booties (more like slippers!) were an experiment - they turned out OK, but I like my standard bootie pattern much more; the elastic needed to be sewn and finished:

I never finished the teddy bear for our Thing A Month theme last year - he needed a face and that was way too fiddly for me.  Fortunately my mom persevered (in person, he looks a little like Hercule Poirot!!):

I thought this scarf, woven last year but never finished, just needed its fringe twisted.  However, for some reason - probably because it's my handspun and I did something funky with the plying - the fringe refused to be twisted and to behave.  So my mom knotted the fringe at its base, trimmed them all to the same length, and now they are all doing their fringey thing:

Last but not least is a cute but painfully fiddly sweater vest for a friend's daughter; I needed the motivation to finish it all off (pieces, ends, seams, etc.), and also needed help with putting in the zipper.  In the end, we ditched the zipper idea and went for snaps, which we purchased at the local Amish general store:

Not photographed but also completed is a pair of lace-trimmed towels, which I sent home with my mom - she did one, and I did the other.

All in all - a fun and productive weekend!  I hope yours was the same!


Monday, August 11, 2014


Here are a few photos to capture some of the things I've been up to lately:

An afghan gift for an upcoming family wedding; I distinctly remember starting it during the last season of Downton Abbey, this past January - when it was cold enough to want to have something large and heavy weighing down on me:
Yarn is KnitPicks Brava; pattern is from Vanna's Afghans All Over the House.

Years ago, when my grandma was still alive, I had asked her with disbelief about how in the heck to make a pompom.  She hauled out some yarn, wound it in a frenzy around a little round device, produced a perfect little white pompom, tied the whole mess together, and then presented it to me with a flourish:

I was intimidated beyond description until only recently, when I really wanted to top some of the preemie hats with pompoms.  I debated using Grandma's white pompom, then decided it was better to keep it for my own inspiration.  The little blue pompom maker has seen lots of action since then!

Lastly, I wanted to make a fun gift for my voice teacher, who loves tulips.  What better than a couple of little felted bowls:
Yarn is random bits of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride; pattern is Felted Tulip Bowl.

I'm off to more finishing, so I hope to have more fun stories to tell soon!!