Saturday, May 12, 2012

Colorful Booties and Socks

It is the Year of Colorwork, but mostly what I've done so far is produce a few colorful items!  I've been making this baby bootie pattern for years, mostly from leftover sock yarns.  This particular yarn is what remained from last fall's Flamewalker Socks.  That these booties stand up all by their jaunty selves makes them particularly appealing.

These are Crazy For You socks.  They haven't told me yet exactly whom they are crazy for, but I'll let them ponder that for a while.  It appears I may have caught a bit of Knitting New England's Tangerine Tango with all of these orangey colors!


smw said...

Thank you for pointing me towards that great bootie pattern. I am making lots of wee things for someone who's making an entrance on or around 9/25.

neuroknitter said...
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neuroknitter said...

My husband calls them bumper car booties. These are an especially beautiful rendition!