Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheerful Images on a Bleak Day

A planned day off, only coincidentally in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Hoping this finds everyone safe and dry!  I had some time this morning to complete work on the following:

EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl, Camping half-circle version, made with Color Changing Cotton (another gift from Neuro!!).  Blocking on a king size bed, so you can guess the dimensions somewhat:

AlliGator Bag (a kit by Morehouse Farms) - looking a little less swampy here:


smw said...

Oogy, your knitted bag put me in mind of the nursery rhyme that ends with a line about "the lady with the alligator purse"!


neuroknitter said...

The alligator bag is awesome. Does it have a red lining? I'm so impressed with the massive shawl, and I love how well it shows off the color transitions. Nice FOs Oogy!