Monday, June 3, 2013

Thing A Month - June (and Sockapalooza too!)

Dear Neuro,

I've been looking forward to our June Thing A Month, 4 UFOs, for quite some time now!  And, while I can't believe that it's June already, I did manage to narrow down the selection of what I'd like to work on this month...

First off - a very old afghan project, probably 12-15 years in the works by now.  It's fraught with peril - made in single crochet, of all things, and I'm not even sure if I have enough yarn left over to keep the pattern going.  But I need an afghan in the inventory, and it's high time I get this one finished, one way or another:

Next is a nearly-done-but-not-quite-so pillow cover to match an afghan I made (again crochet, again several years ago):

The purple fabric is silk that I am going to use to cover the white pillow form.  The pillow back is one big, purple granny square (same color as that tangle of yarn there).  This means I need to set up my new sewing machine (the one I got a few weeks ago - you can see where this one is headed).

This next project isn't as much of a UFO as is the yarn, which I've had for several years.  You may remember this yarn as a tangled mess I had to rip out because the pattern that came with it totally failed.  I've found a new pattern and, after a couple of false starts (gauge related), we're off and running:

You'll also recognize these socks from not so long ago, but they need the crazy needlework finishing, and if I don't put them on this month's project list I'm afraid they'll languish forever:

That's 4, right?  And I have a couple other, much smaller items that I will put on the sidelines as bonuses.  I won't show them here just in case that doesn't work out.

Regarding Virgin - I think we should still go for it, although perhaps not in 2013...  Yours is well underway and will be awesome.  Mine - well, I still haven't gotten over Knitpicks discontinuing Telemark, which would have been PERFECT for me, and I didn't really get that far after all the...

...unsuccessful gauge swatching.

Lastly, I bring you Sockapalooza:

Tidal Wave Socks, made with yarn given to me by my voice teacher:

The completed Entrelac Socks, in all their multi-colored jauntiness:

And, last but not least, Jeck socks, which started out two at a time on one circular needle, but then mitosis occurred and they got finished off one at a time on my beloved DPNs:

Happy UFO chasing!


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