Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have several projects in the works lately, and wanted at least to give you a glimpse of each of them since I probably won't be finishing any soon. This first one is a little alpaca/cotton sweater for the son of a friend. I've had the yarn forever and this seemed an appropriate project for it. If I have enough left over, I may make a matching hat for his mom!

Here is the colorway for Wingspan II. It's really out of focus but I think that's OK for color viewing.

This is a new pair of socks, and I'm using the awesome wooden sock needles that Neuro gave me for Xmas. They're the perfect length for socks, very pretty, and great to use as well!!


neuroknitter said...

What is so awesome about those needles, aside from the pretty colors, is that they come in half sizes. Sometimes 1s are too small, and 2s are too big--1 1/2s are just right!

neuroknitter said...

I am totally impressed by the Wingspan pattern. It's definitely on my list of projects to begin soon. The colors for these projects are just spectacular.

smw said...

Who makes these half-sized needles? I spent what seemed like years looking for 1.5s (and I finally found them), but I'm interested in 2.5s, too.

Oogyknitter said...

Hi SMW - I've seen these (or at least very similar!) on the Webs site (, you can get them in individual sizes as well as in sets, also in varying lengths.