Friday, April 13, 2012

Tserious Tsecond Tsock Tsyndrome

Yes, this is indeed one sock with two sets of DPNs beset upon it. You can see at the top where I've started the second section of yellow next to the orange. Its mate is long finished, and you can probably guess why it's taken me so long to start the second one. The pattern is Seven Chakras, and it is lots of fun but completely insane.


neuroknitter said...

These colors remind me of the tequila sunrise shawls we made!

Oogyknitter said...

Yes - and until then I hadn't really appreciated the red/orange/yellow color family, but together they can do magical things! The sock is getting more colorful, and I'll also be re-doing the toe and cuff on its formerly-completed mate, so hopefully you'll see them in their completed state some time soon!