Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knitting in Proportions

Finished - a pair of fun, easy socks.

Unfinished - several lace-trimmed towels, Unleaving, and the EZ Camping Shawl.  The knitting is all done, but obviously the finishing remains.  I've decided that the amount of knitting that I do is directly proportional to the level of stress I feel, and also that the amount of finishing that I do is indirectly proportional to that level of stress.  Which means we're in for a whole lot of knitting, and not a lot of finishing!  (I'm sure you haven't failed to notice that there are TWO shawls here!)  (P.S.  I've also got like 4 pairs of socks going!)

1 comment:

neuroknitter said...

Those socks may have been fun, but they do not look easy to me! Blocking and finishing are perennial chores. Maybe it will seem more worthwhile when the weather gets cold and the shawls can be worn.

It's all beautiful work, Oogy, and I hope it's serving as an effective coping strategy.