Friday, November 1, 2013

Thing A Month - October and November!

Dear Neuro,

The time sure is flying, as are the leaves today with all this wind!

I originally had grand ideas about our theme for October - Exotic Fiber.  I was going to obtain some quiviut or yak fiber and then spin it into a yarn for subsequent knitting into something fabulous - which is way cheaper than purchasing the already-made yarn.  Of course, the best laid plans...  Well into October I realized this would never occur, and that with the holidays just around the corner I'd better come up with an alternate plan quickly!

Which is when I suddenly remembered - MIL Oogy had given me a very strange spinning fiber blend a few years ago, and I had already spun it but had lost the nerve about knitting it into something.  The fiber blend is merino and blue fox.  Now, I can't find this fiber blend anywhere, so I've got to believe that MIL (who, you will recall, is also a famous weaver) must have acquired it from one of her famous fiber friends at one of their famous fiber meetings at some point, and that it is some kind of crazy one-of-a-kind custom blend.  At least this is the story I have fashioned for myself, which does seem very exotic indeed.

I took a deep breath and, using a very simple garter stitch feather-and-fan pattern, I forged ahead to make a scarf:

Here is a closeup - you can almost see the silvery highlights of the blue fox.

The best part is that you can knit this particular pattern until you're out of yarn, therefore leaving little left to waste!

Now, here it is November already, and our theme is Untried Northern Isle Technique.  Therefore, using this:

I am going to make these:

With these:

(No one said we had to use traditional Northern Isle colors!)

As usual, there are other random projects in the works, but I'll show you those another day.

Happy knitting!!


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neuroknitter said...

Oogy, the scarf is absolutely gorgeous. The color and sheen work beautifully with the classic pattern.
As you'll see when I have the nerve to write a post about our October plan, I am further behind than you...