Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Holiday Countdown Begins!

A lot of us count the days leading up to the holidays; when we were kids that meant presents and a break from school; as we got older it meant an end to finals and possibly a fun or interesting winter break (unless you were victim of the unfortunate "trimester" system, in which case the holidays fell smack into the middle of the 2nd term); as adults we try to fit as many holiday-related activities into a shrinking number of days. When you are a knitter, and you have certain ideas about making things for people, the holiday countdown means that the yarn flinging happens at a greater rate than usual!

The first completed project I have to show you today is a pair of socks that aren't really part of holiday knitting at all; they've been finished for a couple of weeks now but their photo shoot needed to wait until my finals frenzy passed.  They're made by special request for a friend who had the yarn but who does not knit.  Pattern is just a plan vanilla sock; I let the yarn do all the work.

Next is a jaunty hat, made with leftover Cascade 220 (left over from what? you might ask.  They are still drying.  More to come on those.).  This is for a colleague at work, just because.

A neckwarmer for another colleague, made with a hand-dyed (not by me!) Louet yarn:

A scarf, made for no one specifically (but I needed a more-masculine emergency gift just in case), made with Valley Yarns Northfield that was never used for its original intended purpose:

Lastly (at least for today!), coordinating hat and voodoos for a family gift, also made with Cascade 220 leftovers:

Happy knitting all!!


neuroknitter said...

So many beautiful, and FINISHED items! Nice work, Oogy!
Now I must return to Santa's sweat shop...

smw said...

The Louet neckwarmer is especially fetching.