Saturday, January 4, 2014


Dear Neuro,

Happy 2014!!!  Consistent with our Theme of Rs for the year (reduce, recycle, repurpose, you name the R!), I have the following items to share:

Reduce - I started these mitts about a year ago so I suppose they could count as a UFO as well.  The yarn is leftover wool blends, and the pattern is Simple Braided Mitts:

Repeat?  No, I still have so much yarn leftover from the felted clogs project that I've made another Nottingham and matching Voodoos (the Voodoos were shy and didn't want to be in the picture), so Reuse:

Reduce, perhaps?  These are more socks made by request from a non-knitter's yarn stash.  I have no idea what the yarn is, there were no labels - but it is a heavy-ish sock weight, mostly wool, and is definitely more blue than appears here.  Pattern is Vanilla Latte:

Repair - Something took a bite out of one of these socks I'd made for my mom.  I'm going to attempt a knitted-on patch, and will document my progress in a subsequent post.  Fortunately I have a ton of this yarn leftover so there is plenty more in case more drastic measures are needed:

Since I'm still swimming in leftover Cascade 220, I expect my next few items will be of the Reduce category, although I still have a few Thing A Month items to catch up on as well!

I hope your 2014 is off to a terrific start, despite all of us being buried in a ton of snow these past few days!


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neuroknitter said...

Fantastic beginning to 2014 Oogy!