Saturday, March 29, 2014


WHEREAS I have been curious about needle felting for some time now; and
WHEREAS I recently had the opportunity to take a local class; and
WHEREAS I am now able to evaluate needle felting's appeal to me; and
WHEREAS I am now able to make an informed decision regarding this new craft;
NOW THEREFORE I have decided that this particular craft is really not for me.

May I present to you the only needle felted item I will ever make:

There is still actual knitting going on but, as usual, the finishing seems to lag behind.


neuroknitter said...

Oh, no, don't give up!!! You must have stabbed yourself with those evil barbed needles too many times (once?) The big-earred bunnie is WAY cute.

smw said...

I second Neuro's motion. Fabulous work, Oogy!