Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear Neuro,

I really am knitting over here!  After the past few days spent obsessing over a particular exam, which I took today (and did very well I might add!), I did a small victory lap with a couple of FOs this afternoon.  First, a pair of slippers for my mom, to replace those that have somehow dissolved due to use:

Next are some yoga/pilates socks, for a friend's daughter, to serve as decoys for those already possessed by said friend:

All are by special request, but since I've received so many requests for knitting this year, I can't possibly call each post "Request"!  I've gone for long stretches without anyone asking me to make anything, but this year seems to have broken the bank on that.  I'm actually very excited about it - so much yarn, so little time!!


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neuroknitter said...

Oogy, I understand how great it feels to knit for a purpose. It takes away the uncertainty of wondering if the lucky recipient will appreciate and/or like what you've made. It's a bonus if these items use yarn on hand! Nice work!