Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear Neuro,

I'm not really sure where all the time and yarn have gone, but I have been spending an inordinate amount of time making tiny baby hats for eventual donation to local neonatal intensive care units, along with a small group of people at work.  I've already received a donation for yarn for the cause, and used that to purchase something that is not "baby" yellow or pink:
The pattern is mindless and goes quickly.  I even overcame my fear of pom-pom making, only to misplace the damn pom-pom maker (after using it for the first time in 15 years!!) in the disarray that is presently our upstairs painting project... 

There are always socks - these are made with yarn that refused to be anything (and is even only questionably tolerating being these socks):
It did make for some nice baby booties, however, which I can't make fast enough since there seems to be something in the water again at work!

Last for today is a preview of something you'll be receiving shortly.  I'll show a full picture later on.

I haven't caught your lace bug yet, but there are a couple of things glaring at me right now that could end up as lace projects - just as soon as I finish the last of the wedding afghans, and find that darn pom-pom maker!!!


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neuroknitter said...

Taunted with a blurry shot of something I'm sure is amazing!!! All I can know is that it isn't lace and the colors are awesome.
Your preemie hats are very sweet, and I'm sure combining your efforts with your work buddies is fun.