Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ready for BIG Things!

It's been a while, but now that Santa's Yarn Workshop is closed for another year, it's time to move along and onto the theme for the coming year - BIG Things!  Pretty much anything is game but, for 2015, Neuro and I are going to attempt a few larger projects that otherwise might be deemed too daunting.  

The first project I'm going to count for 2015 is something I had well underway already, but that needed seaming and finishing (daunting indeed!).  It's BIG Afghan #1, made with WoolEase in a variety of colors, and some brown tweed wool on a cone I got from Webs, and using the (heavily modified) Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern:

(I've also referred to this version as the Atheist Mitered Crosses Afghan pattern - hee).

This is also the first afghan I'm able to contribute to my Life Event Afghan Repository - when I need something to give to someone who needs a yarn hug, and when the life event doesn't permit for much planning.  There were several life events this past year, and I had no afghans remaining!

There are two BIG projects in the works:  BIG Afghan #2, and a sweater.  Yes, you read that correctly - a sweater.  I haven't made one of those things in years, and this one will involve a steek - eeek!  Good thing Neuro knows how to do this, and will be involved when the time comes.

Happy Knitting, and Happy New Year!

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neuroknitter said...

Excellent idea, the Life Event Afghan Repository!