Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Hats, Two Socks, and One Omission - In Reverse Order

I completely failed to make mention about the most important aspect of the Zombie BBQ yarn I blogged about the other day - it is a gift from Neuro!!!  So not only it is theeee coolest yarn ever, but it carries with it many happy memories of a terrific Weekend of Weaving!

OK, so inbetween all the weaving I did manage to get some knitting done.  These are Water Lilies socks, made with Cascade Handpaints.  Great yarn and pattern!

In addition to all of her other marvelous creations, Neuro has made three fantastic hats for Mr. Oogy in the past couple of years.  This one, the latest version, is made with the fabulous high-tech stuff, and was also knit inbetween episodes of frenzied weaving.

This next one is both handsome and warm - perfect for indoor use in the coldest of winter months!  (I know - hard to believe when it's been so hot here lately!)

These jaunty stripes keep cold heads warm!

Here is a formal portrait of the Hat Triumvirate.  Made with TLC by the talented Neuro!!


Tuck! said...

With many thanks from Mr Oogy!

neuroknitter said...

I'm not sure the pooch is embracing his new role as hat model. Perhaps he needs a hat of his own! I'll wait until the middle of winter...