Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Full of Promise!

These fun, easy socks served me well as stress knitting recently.

These special request wristwarmers for Mr. Oogy are way ahead of schedule, but they were also a quick, fun knit.  I also over-dyed the yarn in Twilight - much nicer than its former pale blue!

My UFOs are mocking me.  Notice the not-quite-so-finished-but-done-with-the-weaving scarf in the middle there.

This yarn screamed "Unleaving!!!!" when it was a skein, now it is yelling, "Socks, you dumbass!!!"  Pattern TBD.

Unleaving candidate #2.  No hollering yet.

This awesome yarn is from Lorna's Laces, and contains thermal phase regulation fibers that help moderate body temperature.  And the best part - the colorway is called Zombie BBQ!!!  It looks like it wants to pool its colors, so I will need to find a good slip-stitch pattern to combat that tendency.

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neuroknitter said...

You've been so busy, Oogy! I'm a big fan of knitting as a coping mechanism--I hope it's actually working for you! Blue is looking very good, with tight edges. I'm eager to see it unfurled and fringed. What's next in the weaving department?