Monday, July 23, 2012


Here is Blue, with her braided fringe, awaiting a firm steaming (or similar to take out her wrinkles).  She is the only mostly-Finished Object that I have to show lately!

Here is Woven Scarf #3, made with merino top handspun, awaiting a fringe strategy and a good blocking as well.

And, lastly, these FOs mock me endlessly from the yarn project pile at my desk.  I hope you'll meet them in their completed forms in the coming days/weeks; in the meantime, they are, from left to right: socks, lace insets for hand towels, a shawl (made with yarn from Neuro, looking surprisingly like Wabenschal, but not for long!), and Unleaving.

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neuroknitter said...

Oogy, Blue is awesome! The braided fringe looks like it was a lot of work, though. I also have a pile of UFOs taunting me, but it looks like great progress is being made on yours.
Can you imagine there being a time when all of this wooly stuff might be worn?