Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week of Knitting Giving

Last week I was giddy with giving away knitted items.  The first gift, seen here below, was an alpaca lace shawl.  I'd made this back in 2008 but didn't actually get around to blocking it until a couple of days before I gave it away (you may recognize it as the large coral-colored blob in the pile of lace UFOs at the beginning of last year).  It looks just terrific on the recipient!!

Next to be presented were the jaunty orange-and-yellow baby booties (shown a few weeks ago) to our neighbor with a new daughter.

Last is this yarn-and-bead necklace, given to my voice teacher for an end-of-year gift.  I may need to make her another one, as she predicted that her hip daughter will likely make off with this one!


smw said...

I am in awe. Who's the lucky recipient of the shawl?

Oogyknitter said...

Hi SMW - This shawl went to a colleague who is about to have surgery. She's always chilly and I thought this would cheer her up as well as keep her warm :)