Saturday, January 19, 2013

Other Things This Month

As mentioned below, I'm "sneaking" in a few other items this month in addition to the BFF scarf.

These socks are for a cold friend; yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes, and the pattern is from the ball band, a fairly plain sock but the yarn does all the work:

Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts are made with JaggerSpun Zephyr, doubled; they are a late but hopefully welcome holiday gift:

This scarf will accompany the mitts.  I got the yarn on sale on a whim, it's called Red Heart Boutique Chic.  The yarn is a crazy bulky with randomly tied pom-poms, and the pattern is from the ball band.  I like trying these new yarns once in a while.

I have more upcoming items for my cold friend, and of course we're all awaiting the unveilings of the BFF scarves at the end of the month. As an additional preview, February's Thing A Month Topic is New Sock Techniques, when I will be attempting Magic Loop, and Neuro will conquer Toe Up!

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