Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hat and Dog

It is still very cold here this week, so I continue my knitting efforts in an attempt to provide warm items for cold friends unaccustomed to this climate.  This is Scrunchable Hat, made with Louet Riverstone Paints.  Even though there is some color pooling, as you can see, I thought it was the perfect yarn/pattern combo.  And - one skein of this stuff will make 2 hats!  Kylie approves, although he's not sure why all the fuss about the cold - aside from his paws, he doesn't seem to notice it at all!

Efforts continue on the BFF Scarf project, with the goal of completion before the end of January!

1 comment:

neuroknitter said...

Kylie wonders why the pattern does not include openings for doggie ears!