Saturday, February 16, 2013

And Inbetween

Whilst I continue to ponder and produce the Magic Loop socks, I have an inbetween project I wanted to make for a colleague who is retiring in a few weeks and is headed to warmer climes.  This pretty shawlette is Multnomah, and it's made with Fiesta Baby Boom yarn in a color called Spirit Dancer.  It is a terrific, enjoyable, and satisfying pattern -  garter stitch forever, then feather-and-fan for even longer. Great for TV/movie/lecture watching.  Also - no more than 4 stitch markers are needed at any one time!

The stripe you see in the photo is the beam of sunlight that I thought I'd leave in just to prove that the sun does come out here once in a while this time of year (even if it is only one beam!).

I'm closing in on the toe of the second Magic Loop sock, so will have more to show and discuss soon!