Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thing A Month - February - Magic Loop

Dear Neuro,

I'm a little behind in starting my February project for Thing A Month. My assignment is Magic Loop.  This is  a technique for knitting smaller things in the round on one large circular needle, instead of on 4 or 5 double-pointed needles.  I love my DPNs, and have not had a need for Magic Loop, so have never learned it!  Thanks to your head start/practice kit, I was able to mess around first:

Several YouTube videos later, and after much practice, I took some sock yarn and got started:

My first impressions are that, once you get used to this technique, it is fun and pretty straightforward.  At this point, I still prefer DPNs, but I've got a lot of sock yet to go on this one.  Also, I find colorwork socks extremely fiddley on DPNs - I wonder if Magic Loop is a good approach for that, what do you think?

Also, here is the last of the Warm South America projects, a Wingspan in yarn that you and I hand-dyed several years ago with MIL Oogy:

Lots of other stuff on the needles, but with the goal of finishing the Magic Loop socks this month - and it's a short month! - I need to remain somewhat focused!

I hope your February project is going well thus far!


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neuroknitter said...

I'm like you, preferring the dpns, although you make an excellent point about color work.

The Wingspan is absolutely gorgeous. I have such fond memories of our day of dyeing with MIL Oogy. Do you think she knew then what monsters she was creating?