Saturday, July 6, 2013

Several UFO Sightings

Dear Neuro,

I've been hiding indoors in the air conditioning for most of the holiday weekend due to the Florida-like weather we've been having in this state that is quite far away from Florida.  As such, I've kept busy with several UFOs.

I finally broke out my new sewing machine to cover a white pillow form.  It was almost too nice to cover up.

But this is the intended pillow cover - it matches an afghan I finished quite some time ago, they can finally be together at last.

A way-less-wrinkled-than-it-looks wool/silk woven scarf from last year needed fringing and finishing:

For some reason I had to make this sweater; I wanted it to be just the one light purple but then I kept running out of yarn.  Then it sat for several months awaiting seaming and the construction of the yarn frog:

You're right about the Ruana yarn, I'll think about its repurposing some more.  In the meantime, I'm swatching this humongous cone of blue/gray wool to see if it might work for the July project.  These are #1 needles so this could become quite the serious commitment:

(note the use of magic loop so I could get a swatch in the round with no purling)

The ubiquitous pair of socks is in the works as well, and there are still a couple of UFOs that may still make a mad dash to completion.  This weather isn't going to break any time soon so there is plenty of time.  I hope you're staying cool as well!


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neuroknitter said...

An amazing array of FOs! I am eager to see what becomes of the blue/grey wool on #1 needles. That IS a serious commitment!