Monday, July 1, 2013

Bootleg UFOs

Dear Neuro,

While I really am finishing up the original June UFOs, I do have a few other things that just needed a bit of a push to get completed, and I thought I'd throw them into the mix as well, this being already July and all...

First, a cover for the year-round Santa pillow that just needed to be seamed onto the pillow (oh dear, I think I just yarnbombed my own couch!!):

Next, Crest of a Wave scarf, made with sock yarn that didn't want to be socks and that just needed to be blocked:

More to come, along with some ideas about July's project.

Happy FO-ing!


1 comment:

neuroknitter said...

Oogy! Nice bootleg FOs. Kylie seems to approve of all your projects. What a good doggie.