Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Yarn Crisis of Sorts

We went out to the cottage this past Friday so we could take care of this:

(Fortunately nothing else was damaged, except for the purple martin house (the neighbors swapped in an unused one, much to the surprise of the displaced birds); this wall is 60 feet long so you can get a sense of the size of the tree. I appear giant in the setting sun.)

I needed to bring enough yarn to last for 3 days.  My first panic set in when I realized I'd grabbed my current socks-in-progress but managed to leave one size 0 needle behind.  Not wanting to soldier on with only 4, I started a second pair on #1s:

Then I finished the knitting of one of those new twirly yarns.  Panic increased.

Then I moved on to one of the crochet afghan projects; surely this would occupy me for the rest of the weekend!

That is, of course, until I realized that I'd brought too much of the red, and not enough of the black!  Sheer panic.

Then, I realized - my loom is here!  I can weave a scarf!

(But my fringe twister is not!)

In the end, I started to work on the last of the pre-needlework for June UFO project #4.  And guess what?

These are size 0s.  I had enough with me all along!

P.S.  You would think I'd have taken pictures of the tree removal process.  I must have been in a real panic!

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neuroknitter said...

Just when you really need abundant craft opportunities, to manage the stress of a huge toppled tree! I'm glad the damage was limited to the bird house, though I do feel bad that they had to relocate.