Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thing A Month - July - Reverse Engineering

Dear Neuro,

I've known all along that I wanted to reverse engineer this sweater:
I love it for so many reasons, and wear it practically all winter long (and a little bit before and after too!).  It's comfy, it's the perfect size, it's warm, it has pockets, and being wool it's not exactly waterproof but it keeps me warm even when it's damp.

It is also starting to show some wear, so before it completely dissolves, I wanted to memorialize it in measurements, and attempt to re-create it as well.

Neuro, you will remember our Great New England Yarn Adventure years ago, when I was on a quest to find the perfect yarn for Ruana.  I found it at Green Mountain Spinnery (where they had to toss down extra cones from the loft so I could have enough yardage).  I knitted it furiously (all garter stitch), and have not worn it one single time.  In about 10 years.

It's awesome yarn - wool and mohair.  Yes, it's way thicker than the yarn in the original sweater.  Yes, it's a completely different color.  But I am seriously considering repurposing.

What do you think?


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neuroknitter said...

First, thank you for reminding me about the Great New England Yarn Adventure. That was tooooo long ago!

I have a vivid recollection of the cones being propelled from the attic at Green Mt. Spinnery. We had an awesome time there, with a full tour of the place. Do you also remember the great vat of yuck we saw as one of the employees was washing a fleece? Such memories!

You've never worn Ruana? A clear indication that the yarn needs to be repurposed. Will it serve as the yarn you need for your present project? I'm not convinced. Won't it be too heavy to serve as a layering piece between seasons? Won't the (beautiful!) color limit how often it can be worn? It would be the right amount of yarn, and it does deserve to be worn often!
Tough decision Oogy!